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A new website for Brooklyn Bridge Park: 85 acres on your phone

A new website for Brooklyn Bridge Park: 85 acres on your phone

About Brooklyn Bridge Park

85 acres along the NYC waterfront. Open 365 days a year. Voted a best attraction in New York by USA TODAY. Roller skating, fishing, rock climbing, basketball—and a killer education program and events to boot. It's a park, cultural center, events space, and foodie paradise all at once.

When we partnered with Brooklyn Bridge Park on its website relaunch, our goal was to transform their website into a tool to showcase the Park's incredible landscape, history, and activities. Our relaunch included a complete information architecture overhaul, SEO strategy, and whole new sections created to match audience interests.

Post-launch results have been outstanding. YoY improvements include:

+24% improvement in the bounce rate
+233% increase in organic search visits
+314% increase in pageviews

Yes—these are real numbers!

Here’s what we did:

Mobile-first Mapping for Discovery

When travel or attraction websites need a map, there’s a standard solve: a Google Map dropped into the site, with the colors adjusted to be more in line with the brand. The problem? Google Maps API now charges for map API calls, and who needs a Google Map on a website when they can just open up Google Maps?

Going beyond Google Maps

To help visitors explore, plan, and orient themselves as they navigate the Park’s sprawling landscape, we re-envisioned the traditional (i.e., Google Maps) website map. The Park’s branded map functions like a native app and is accessible within the main navigation. And, unlike most website maps, the Park’s map allows you to locate yourself and also blends icons, photos, and actionable information—such as hours of operation and current events. Visitors have access to all that the Park has to offer in one place.