Visit Baltimore Brand and Campaign Press + Feedback

Our brand and campaign for Visit Baltimore is the culmination of almost 150 locals, leaders, and stakeholders working together.

We are thrilled that the reception is so positive from the press, from local leaders, and on social. Here are some highlights:

Support from Baltimore television stations:

You…have done such an incredible job (through tremendous uncertainty, including specifically within the travel industry) getting us to where we are today…with a campaign that is truly groundbreaking and that I know is going to be impactful.

—Greg Bader, Senior Vice President, Administration & Experience, The Orioles

This is the first time my work has ever been featured on a billboard, and I’m beyond grateful. Grateful for my journey, my friends, and every opportunity that has ever came my way. Make sure to keep your heart pure, and continue to pursue your passion day in day out🌹 I can’t front, the billboard is much more beautiful in person, so if you have time to, go check it out🙏🏾

Kondwani Fidel

Wow, wow, wow. I am so glad to have heard this story and seen the powerful, thoughtful, beautiful results of the new brand.

—Margo Street, Vice President, Client Experience & Facilitator, The Nebo Company

This is work to be extraordinarily proud of. You have captured the heart and soul of our great City.

John Frisch, Principal & Executive Leadership Coach at Shawan Leadership

Congratulations on the new campaign! It’s beautifully done and will bring an insightful, creative light about the city. Brilliant work!

—James Seidl, General Manager of Digital Commerce, McCormick

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