Our Process

We build everything in partnership with our clients and their audiences, creating custom-tailored products and best-in-class strategy, every time.

Bellweather’s process combines data-driven analysis and human-based insight throughout the entire project. Instead of a closed-off and isolated creative process, our transparent, collaborative process invites many voices to weigh in and includes regular check-ins with clients and stakeholders. This ensures that we bring the best ideas to life—no matter who came up with them.

Here’s what sets Bellweather’s process apart from others:

Our Approach
We see you through the eyes of your audience.

Before we design anything, we listen to your audience. Through a process of responsive interviewing, focus groups, and surveying we learn their perspective, needs, and ideas—this is the foundation of our strategy. Everything we do is custom-tailored to our client and their audience, which makes the end-product personal and impactful.

We deepen your understanding of your audience.

Our combination of quantitative and humanist research gives meaning to data. By merging data analysis with insights from audience interviews, we often challenge long-held assumptions about who your audience is and what resonates with them. We strive to uncover new issues and present existing problems in a new way, which clears ground for fresh solutions.

Innovative design brings our groundbreaking strategy to life.

We’ve studied the data, we’ve found out who your audience is and how they think—to drive these insights home, we design. Design communicates best when it stands above trends and is unburdened of fuss. Our audience-centered design is clear, memorable, and current without cliché.

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Bellweather is proof that diverse teams make the best work and generate better financial returns.

We are a women-and-minority owned business, and a certified federal WOSB, a certified NYC WBE, and certified New York WBE. Our ability to approach problems from varied perspectives ensures that the options we bring to the table are not the obvious ones, but the best ones.

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