Our Process

Bellweather puts your audience at the center of our creative process.

The most impactful work addresses your audiences’ needs and imagination; our process ensures that what we build comes from their ideas and perspective. By breaking down walls, Bellweather ensures the best ideas are brought to life—no matter who came up with them.

Bellweather’s founding partners are a true “Dream Team.” Through a thoughtful tailored approach, this team, developed a unified “Live Locally” branding campaign for the Town of Danville that resonates with the community and will remain relevant for years to come.
Jill Bergman
Economic Development Manager, Town of Danville
01 Immerse

Bellweather's process helps understand your audience in new ways.

We immerse ourselves in your audience’s perspective, needs, and ideas through interviews, focus groups, and surveys. What’s uncovered are your Foundational Narratives—stories and themes intrinsic to your brand. Foundational Narratives challenge long-held assumptions and recast messages, better connecting with audiences and helping you grow in a rapidly changing world.

See our Immerse process in action:

Visit Baltimore Rebrand Case Study Brooklyn Public Library Case Study
02 Innovate

Bellweather’s full-service creative team brings strategy to life through innovative design and cutting-edge execution.

We bring your Foundational Narratives to life by combining creative innovation with cutting-edge execution. We have sourced typefaces from local, emerging type designers; collaborated with a poet to write a campaign; and developed one of the first websites to integrate video backgrounds on mobile. The work is custom-tailored at every step, which makes the end-product personal and impactful for you and your audience.

See Our Case Studies
03 Scale

We ensure the final product and message is amplified through strategic deployment.

Bellweather’s full-service creative team scales to match what’s needed for success. We can quickly move from strategy to delivery of actionable assets, whether it’s a video for broadcast or over 1000 individual assets for an international festival. We work directly with your internal teams or other outside partners to ensure launches are drama-free and on time.

01 - 03 Collaborate

We preview the work with those who were a part of the process and in turn, build brand champions.

Bellweather is committed to a collaborative process throughout. At every stage of our process, we invite your stakeholders and audience members to preview the work first. This allows us to make any final adjustments to ensure a successful launch. Our inclusive process also creates brand champions who help proudly promote the work from the beginning.