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Nov 15, 2022

MetroPlusHealth Launches City-Wide Campaign, Putting Focus on People, Not Profit

MetroPlusHealth is debuting “Health care for people, not profit,” a new advertising campaign to highlight the mission-focused NYC nonprofit. For over thirty years, MetroPlusHealth has been dedicated to providing health care for all New Yorkers. The campaign celebrates MetroHealthPlus’ dedication to the health of local New Yorkers, not stakeholders.


“Health care for people, not profit” contrasts corporate, national health care chains against MetroPlusHealth’s not-for-profit, locally-focused legacy. The campaign features over 20 New Yorkers in all five boroughs, in a broadcast spot along with traditional and digital media. The campaign was created by MetroPlusHealth’s creative agency of record, Bellweather Agency.

“For 37 years, MetroPlusHealth has prioritized taking a holistic approach to caring for our members, and our new brand was created to reflect that. We will continue to provide New Yorkers with access to the health services and other essential services needed to live their best lives without suffering financial hardship,” said Dr. Talya Schwartz, President and CEO of MetroPlusHealth. “We are New York City’s health plan of choice because we are New York City. Many of our staff live in the communities we serve and know their neighborhood needs better than anyone else. We make sure that health care means access to nutritious meals, transportation, housing and the ability to live and thrive in one of the greatest cities in the world.” Read the press release

“New York is a place driven by community and pride, and health care should be about people, not profit.”

“The new campaign puts the spotlight on MetroPlusHealth’s not-for-profit mission for our fellow New Yorkers,” said Bellweather Agency’s Chief Creative Officer, Louis Lee.

Purpose over profit

The new campaign highlights MetroPlusHealth’s legacy as a purpose-driven non-profit for over 30 years. Consumer insights post-pandemic reveal brands that share their values and are purpose-driven connect with audiences more than ever. 40% of consumers strongly consider values-driven attributes in their decision making, according to an Accenture report. Research from Deliotte on brands revealed “purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow on average three times faster than their competitors, all the while achieving higher employee and customer satisfaction.”


What does it mean to be purpose-driven?

A purpose-driven brand includes “commitments to a purpose beyond profit, to improving lives, and to creating a better society and world, not just for shareholders,” according to Inc. magazine. Some of the best-known purpose-driven brands of today include Seventh Generation, Toms, and Patagonia.

MetroPlusHealth’s recently launched mission statement defines its purpose-driven goals clearly: “Our mission is to offer every New Yorker equitable access to quality health care. Our purpose goes beyond offering insurance. We take on the City’s most complex health challenges. Our work connects us to what every New Yorker needs.”

“New Yorkers are looking for brands who are purpose-led leaders, but being purpose-led requires company-wide alignment. MetroPlusHealth is singular in its decades of work supporting New Yorkers at all ages, in all boroughs, and all income brackets. The campaign puts the focus on this legacy,” said Bellweather Agency’s Chief Strategy Officer, Emily Lessard.

Omni-Channel Reinvention

The new campaign is paired with a website relaunch, reinventing as a mobile-first health resource for all New Yorkers. Over 250 images and 300 pieces of content are updated and interwoven to answer questions and guide visitors through MetroPlusHealth’s offerings and resources. The new visual brand elements include custom icons, video, and mobile-first infographics interwoven throughout the site.

The new MetroPlusHealth “Health care for people, not profit” campaign will be seen on bus shelters, subway takeovers, radio, television, and digital media in both English and Spanish throughout the fall and winter. For more information, please visit

TV Spot Credits

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