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Sep 22, 2017

About the Name

Bellweather Agency—clients ask how we came up with the name, and what the name means. The spelling is intentional—here’s why: A bellwether is one that leads or indicates trends. The word originally refers to the bell worn by a sheep leading the flock—you only have to listen to the sound of the bell to know the movements of the group.



Weather is always changing. It allows things to grow, brings fresh air, and also generates unexpected storms that must be prepared for. These two ideas combined is how we see the world, and how we approach our work. Bellweather is an intentional twist on the original word.

As an agency, we are not about following a leader or creating an environment where people follow.

We are focused on building a true collaboration between our clients, technology, diverse teams, and the world. We know from experience this is how the best work is made. Meet Bellweather.