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Magnum Foundation

Carry Magnum Foundation’s key work in the non-profit space into the future.
Magnum Foundation


Revamp Magnum Foundation’s nonprofit brand to help drive consistent growth.

To propel Magnum Foundation's mission forward, we revamped their brand, introducing a fresh logo, website, and annual appeal that have significantly expanded their audience and fundraising efforts year after year.

Bellweather rolled out the new cultural brand across all platforms, from printed materials to digital channels, ensuring visibility without overshadowing the artists' work. The redesigned logos are versatile and scalable, incorporating a flexible red square element that enhances legibility even in small formats. Our online platform provides a sophisticated showcase for Magnum Foundation's programs and content, prioritizing images while maintaining an uncluttered elegance through generous whitespace and refined typography. Through our design of the Annual Appeal since 2016, we've crafted a compelling experience, turning it into a coveted item that inspires support and loyalty, fueling Magnum's growth and impact.