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Magnum Foundation

Magnum Foundation


To help Magnum Foundation carry its work into the future, we relaunched their nonprofit brand. The redesigned logo, website, and annual appeal have helped grow audiences and increase fundraising year-over-year. We launched the new cultural brand across all channels, including their printed annual appeal and responsive website.

Our new suite of logos stand out no matter what the environment or size, while never eclipsing the artists’ work. The original Magnum Foundation logo encased the name in a red square, making it illegible in small sizes. We retained the red square as a flexible element that can grow and contain imagery or icons.

We created an elegant online home for the Magnum Foundation’s programs and content. The nonprofit website is image-forward but never overwhelming, due to a luxurious use of whitespace and elegant typography.

Since 2016, we have designed Magnum Foundation’s Annual Appeal, leading to increased support year-over-year. The design makes the Annual Appeal a precious object that is exciting to unwrap. This approach helps Magnum maintain and expand programming while expanding its loyalty and brand.