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Brooklyn Public Library 'For Brooklyn'

Showcase the library’s print and digital offerings, propelling them into the modern age.
Brooklyn Public Library 'For Brooklyn'


Bellweather reintroduced the Brooklyn Public Library to all of Brooklyn’s 2.6 million residents in the “For Brooklyn” advertising campaign.

The Library’s branches can morph and change in magical ways, depending on the people who visit. The campaign introduces these offerings and services by answering the question, “What is the Library for?”

Showcasing the Library's transformative nature, the campaign answers the question, “What is the Library for?” Portraits of patrons, captured by Brooklyn-based artists Andre D. Wagner and Arturo Olmos, highlight its diverse offerings and services. With tailored creative for each of the 203 placements, we selected translations and content to resonate best with specific neighborhoods, ensuring a connection with the Library's key target areas.

We are delighted to work with Bellweather Agency to celebrate Brooklyn Public Library’s collections, programs and services in this new colorful and creative campaign.
Linda E. Johnson
Brooklyn Public Library President and CEO