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Brooklyn Public Library 125th Anniversary

Showcase the library’s print and digital offerings, propelling them into the modern age.


Brooklyn Public Library challenged Bellweather with launching a campaign to reintroduce the historic institution to all 2.6 million residents of Brooklyn, helping answer the question, “What is the library for?”

The campaign builds on our previous "For Brooklyn" campaign in its spirit and graphic vibrancy, and promotes the incredible resources available for the entire Brooklyn community.

We aimed to showcase the library's diverse offerings by answering the question, “What is the library for?” Featuring 52 unique iterations, the campaign utilized portraits of patrons captured by Brooklyn-based artists Andre D. Wagner and Arturo Olmos. Custom social media assets and messaging formed the campaign's backbone, with Bellweather crafting animated social ads tailored to diverse "Micro Audiences" defined by age, neighborhood, language, and interests, effectively linking library resources to individual passions.

In 2020, the pandemic onset ushered in a significant shift in the landscape. Bellweather spearheaded research efforts to understand residents' evolving needs as the city transitioned beyond the COVID emergency. The findings revealed a widespread desire for transformation, whether in seeking new jobs, launching businesses, or prioritizing wellness. As part of the revised campaign strategy, Bellweather devised a Brooklyn-wide initiative supplemented by micro-messages targeting specific audiences, all focused on imaginative and transformative moments facilitated by the library.

Strategy Deliverables
Audience Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Competitor Analysis
Focus Groups
SEO Audit
Creative + Development Deliverables
Campaign Design
In-Language Assets
Production-Ready Assets
Usability Testing
Video & Photography Production


20% increase in library fundraising
34% increase in new website users