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Danville, CA

Craft a brand voice reflecting the Danville, CA’s rich history and natural wonders.
Danville, CA


Create a brand and marketing strategy to boost Danville, California's local economic vitality.

Cyanotypes, vibrant-blue photographic prints, were central to the brand, symbolizing community engagement and created by locals and town staff.

Through collaborative efforts with town stakeholders—staff, officials, businesses, and residents—we crafted a brand reflecting the town's rich history and natural allure. The tagline "Live Locally" encapsulates the ethos, appealing to both residents and visitors alike. Central to the brand are cyanotypes, vibrant-blue photographic prints emblematic of community engagement, created by locals and town staff. The tagline "Live Locally" was chosen to embody the town's ethos and appeal to residents and visitors alike. This campaign includes event promotions, a printed guide, and a strategic Instagram presence, all geared toward supporting local businesses and enhancing the town's charm and appeal.