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Discover NEPA

Reimagine 9,000 pieces of content into an intuitive, friendly digital platform.


Create a website that looks and feels like an app, written by locals.

For Discover NePA, we embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul their digital presence, culminating in a revolutionary website that blurs the lines between app and web design.

Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of NePA’s breathtaking outdoor landscapes and vibrant community offerings across an expansive canvas of 9,000 pages, featuring a wealth of events, local businesses, and engaging video content. With a mobile-first approach, we reimagined the user experience to mirror the intuitiveness and aesthetic appeal of a native app, ensuring seamless access to NePA's rich resources.

In close collaboration with the Discover NePA team, we employed a hands-on strategy, conducting detailed interviews and interactive workshops to deeply understand their vision and needs. Our thorough analysis of over a thousand search terms allowed us to craft a new SEO-driven information architecture, aimed at enhancing discoverability and engagement. This strategic backbone supports the site's content-rich pages, connecting users with the unparalleled outdoor adventures that define NePA’s unique character. Through this partnership, we've not only reshaped how Discover NePA’s story is told online but also how it's discovered by those eager to explore the natural beauty and community spirit of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Strategy Deliverables
Competitor Analysis
Information Architecture
SEO Audit
User Journeys
Website Strategy (UX)
Creative + Development Deliverables
Dashboards & KPI Review
Digital Design (UI)
Usability Testing
Website Development
Website Monitoring