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Sep 22, 2017

The Best Instagram Accounts for Travel Inspiration

What are the best travel accounts on Instagram? Looking for some travel inspiration, or want to make your travel-focused Instagram account better?

Instagram is the best tool for travel inspiration today.

Who doesn’t love to see beautiful travel photography in their daily lives? We all want a break from our normal lives, and to be reminded of the adventures and experiences available. Instagram is an incredible tool for inspiration, especially for travel and destination customers. Instagram is the best digital tool for travel inspiration. Audiences on Instagram are actively looking for travel inspiration: 48% of users use Instagram to help them choose travel destinations for vacations (source). Check out @wonderful_places, a purely Instagram-only account, with over 7.6 million followers. Travel Instagram accounts can serve as mini-digital magazines. Your audience is now spending time “flipping through” this magazine several times a day. It is an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a compelling, visual way. We’ve broken down best practices for an incredible Instagram account in another post. Here are our favorite 8 Instagram accounts for travel inspiration. For maximum motivation, we recommend a good mix of destinations, travel photographers, and geotags.

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@budgettraveller UK travel blogger shows you how to travel in luxury…on a budget. Yes please!

@susanseubert National Geographic photographer takes you behind the scenes on her photoshoots.  You’ll see everything she sees from sea turtles to cowboys to big cities to craft beer, just to name a few.

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@grantlegan A photographer and his model friends in exotic and familiar locations around the world—they make a gas station on a dirt road look like the most amazing place you have to see for yourself. 

@lusttforlife Freelance writer and visual journalist Olivia Lopez frames moments and places through her stylish lens. Her Instagram feed is modern minimalist meets undying classics—you’ll want to eat where she dines and sleep where she stays.

@dabito Graphic Designer takes you through his world of lush foliage and west coast vibes. He photographs inspiring spaces (including his home) that you want to visit, relax in, perhaps even live.

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@fosterhunting Dreamy, yet believable, images of life on beaches and in treetops.

@fogoislandinn Fogo Island is a remote spot off the coast of Newfoundland. The Fogo Island Inn is an architectural triumph—it’s perched about the seaside rocks on stilts. Their Instagram account is unforgettable.

The geotag for “Two Lights State Park, Maine” Two Lights is a quiet jewel along the coast of Maine. Its rocky shoreline is perfect for scrambling or introspection. We love checking in to see how it changes with the seasons.

The best Instagram accounts reach thousands of followers by establishing a brand style and sticking to it.

Using Instagram is no longer optional for businesses and destinations—it’s a must. But don’t despair if it seems like a ton of work: hire a professional to do the work for you. Our consistent brand guidelines for NYC grew their Instagram account by 450% in just six months. We did it for one of the biggest cities on the planet—we can do it for you too. Don’t forget to follow Bellweather on Instagram too—we promise it’s worth it.