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NYC Votes: 2023

Inspire millions of young New Yorkers to vote.


Elevate NYC Votes' outreach by igniting civic engagement among 8+ million New Yorkers, with a special focus on the dynamic young voter demographic of 2023.

Bellweather proudly served as the Creative Agency of Record for NYC Votes | NYC Campaign Finance Board in 2023. Our innovative visual toolkit was meticulously designed to captivate young voters aged 18 – 28 throughout NYC's 2023 Primary and General Elections, amplifying the powerful message: "Be heard. Vote." By crafting campaign graphics in five languages — Bengali, Chinese, English, Korean, and Spanish — we reached voters regardless of language or background.

With a strategic blend of social media graphics, out-of-home advertisements, and OTT video, our campaign transcended conventional political discourse, effectively empowering youth voices in the democratic process. Featuring compelling animations and targeted social media strategies, the General Election Campaign tailored assets to each platform, including animated MP4s and static backups.

Complementing our visual creativity, Bellweather's extensive social media strategy targeted the young voter demographic with tailored graphics, messaging, and animations across platforms, maximizing resonance and impact. Spearheading the creation of NYC Votes' "Flip the Ballot" video, our multi-platform social campaign, including influencer-led instructional videos, reaches diverse language demographics. With meticulous casting for authentic representation, we produced multiple versions in English and additional languages for every asset, ensuring our message spoke to all potential voters.


68.3 million impressions for the 2023 primary campaign
55.8% of videos ads watched by voters beginning to end
187.6 thousand clicks to the nycvotes website