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Research + Strategy

Bellweather’s Immerse phase helps discover how individuals understand, experience, and produce their world and experiences through our proprietary research process. Through our research, we uncover stories, providing an invaluable way to understand your audiences’ experience.

The strategies we uncover in Immerse provide a bedrock for future messaging and creative work, no matter the medium.




Creative Concepting

Bellweather’s creative experience crosses mediums and channels. No matter the asset, we have a team that can deliver. We have experience moving quickly from brand identity to pop-up events (MetroPlusHealth), or from existing brand guidelines to multi-channel, multilingual citywide campaigns (NYC Votes). Our team has the experience to meet whatever opportunities arise.

Our Innovate phase is the catalyst for bringing strategy to life through compelling creative. We have collaborated with local poets to write a brand platform; worked with local musicians to write and record a custom track; and developed one of the first websites to integrate video backgrounds on mobile.

We know how hard it is to bring an idea to life without concrete visual examples. We build creative from our research and findings from Phase 1 and develop multiple (2-3) creative concepts for review.

Our visual executions include key materials. Instead of evaluating imagery or taglines against blank white pages, we ensure our creative ideation includes actual materials. Our multidisciplinary in-house creative team can create assets no matter if it’s a homepage, event, or a social media campaign.



Creative Execution Maintenance Optimization

Bellweather’s Scale phase ensures final assets and deliverables are amplified through strategic deployment. Our team can quickly move from concepting to delivery of brand assets, whether it’s a broadcast commercial, AAA-level accessible mobile-first website, or an in-language ad. We work directly with your internal teams and media buying partner to ensure launches are drama-free.

Our Scale phase uses the creative concept for final asset development and is amplified through strategic deployment. This means we meet your audiences where they are, no matter who they are.